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July 28,2011

This review of Environmental and Energy Study Institute (EESI). Check it out or write your own review of a charity.

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***** A little late, but I have some solutions. I spent 30+ years on this project (as a small business. It is frustrating because the project has such huge National and International potentials from the standpoint of huge production volume and future jobs. The news media is staying away because they feel that a is impossible for a small company to make such enormous contribution to help solve our BIOFUEL problem.
In the meantime the taxpayers spent almost three $3B, Billions of your dollars and we estimate less than a handfull will provide a contribution/ Of the hundreds,most will not be competitive for a ten years or more. AND,the RAND Corporation was negative about the capabilities in case of a national emergency. In addition, a college in California (the
the LEAD for about 80 scientific groups that looked at these studies, also had reservations and skeptical about the the firms doing CURRENT ALGAE research.
The Government Organizations handing out grants should start thinking "out of the box" to get
New Low Cost Algae JET FUEL  Technology
by sternh
A Revolutionary Low Cost Algae Aviation Fuel with Massive Production Capacities for J.V.or Partnering

We are a small company with a realistic annual potential of a Billion+ Dollar Business with Systems and Technology and most importantly our experimentation is behind us and only updates are required.

We are also at least 10 years ahead of the "PACK" in inexpensive Powdered Algae Aviation Fuel Technology in the U.S. and worldwide.

To date, unfortunately, billions have already been spent by DOD and private investors to develop high quality algae product with promise of great results, and 5+ years later the public is still waiting for commercial production.

It seems that the key is producing a good Quality Product; Large Enough Quantities to make a difference on a National basis; Inexpensive; Competitive; and sufficiently profitable to make the projects worth pursuing.

So far, less than a handful of exceptional companies have managed to produce limited finished product; at very high cost; and with limited opportunity to be competitive in the near or long term future.

My Question: Do we, as a country, have the luxury of waiting for many of the "Contestants" (many of whom are embracing techniques utilized for more than fifty years throughout the world) for perhaps another ten years without commercial success or with all the hype show limited results?

Our project did take THREE(3+) DECADES to develop, and at great expense. We started experimenting many years before anyone in this country seriously considered mass production for commercial use.

Not one Company, in the USA is at a level that can produce Powdered Aviation Fuel on a commercial level.

Our goal is to concentrate on our updates, conducted by a large Chemical Process Engineering Firm to prepare an EPC package with my assistance and start production within the time frame outlined in the next paragraph.

PLEASE NOTE: We are at the UPDATE stage and no longer EXPERIMENTAL. Most important is that after the second year of start up, we feel confident that our operations will be self sustaining for most expansions throughout the US.

We have the technology and systems to provide as much as 8,000 tons with the first project in 15 months and 1,000,000 tons by the sixth year.

I have contacted DARPA for funding and others relating to potential J.V. to find a partner major corporation that can expand quickly on a international basis, with deep pockets, desire for high profit, and an interest in Powdered Renewable Fuel and in Distribution of valuable food/feed concentrates for pharmaceutical use, worldwide. Sugar Land, Texas NEW  POST at zolaeblogspotcom (no dots)

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